We lie in the lap of immense intelligence - Emerson




We lie in the lap of immense intelligence - Emerson



When back in Scotland, Marshall will always visit the resting place of his grandfather. A legend within the family, and to all who knew him.

During these return visits, reflecting on past conversations about society, life and ‘what it’s all about’; the words which make up Kindness and Contribution came to be.


Kindness & Contribution

Standing alone cold precious stone

In black and white dates clearly shown

Date of entry til date of mourn

Destiny unknown!

Seven billion soon to be eight

Yet one man’s impression lingers so late

Character, will, mind and soul

Shaped, shifted, made whole

That protected core tested evermore

Whipped by life resisting curious form

Bent to suit from the day you’re born

Minds captured malnourished

Who determines who will flourish

Life just above the breadline - that’ll do

A pay cheque from disaster - make it two

Servile fawning of a particular few

Democracy through and through

And yet!

These are the halcyon days for sure

Imagine our forefathers faces if we could trade place

I can hear them now

Must we take one from another

On distant planets alone

Let each contemplate what is already known

Beyond Earth there is no other

Creed, class, colour

All we have is each other

Your passport is life

Currency kindness and contribution

Awaken creativity

Work a peaceful revolution

For there is only one date shown

On your precious stone

Date of entry

They have yet to mourn

Breath inside

Time onside

Destiny - better known!